Handling antivirus problems while installing our programs

Don’t worry if you would get a warning notification from your antivirus or anti-spyware software while downloading or installing our software! Our applications are not viruses and could not harm your computer. Some virus scanner can warn of danger if software proposes installation of its elements in the background (as for example Agent programs of Eminspector and EfMax providing installation in the background). Such programs include keyloggers, user activity monitoring applications, remote administration tools and many others. Such programs cover other software solutions of high reputation like ours.

How to avoid a conflict with antivirus software while installing our software? The most antivirus or anti-spyware programs allow adding manually applications and folders in their exclusion lists. Add the following files in the exclusion list of your antivirus:

For EmInspector (Admin part):
C:\Program Files\EmInspector\*.*

For EfMax (Admin part):
C:\Program Files\EfMax\*.*

If you have 64-bit Windows the installed files will be in the directory C:\Program Files (x86) instead of regular one c:\program files.

Some antiviruses can disable use of a template entry as (*.*). In such case, you need to locate the file without these sings *.*. Add each file of the installation folder into the exclusion list.

In addition to the Admin part, EmInspector and EfMax program setups provide installation of Agent modules on the employees’ computers. In this purpose the following directories should be added to the exclusion lists of your antivirus software:

For agents of EmInspector:

For agents of EfMax:

Besides network location should be also added to the exclusion list because it contains a copy of Agent application. Add network location to the exclusion lists on the computers of director and employees.