Improve the performance of your staff

Detailed statistics to improve the performance and punctuality of the employees working in your company.

Control the employees and keep track of their activities

Prevent theft of the corporate information. Keep track and restrict an employee activity.

Secure offices of your company against an attack

Powerful and reliable video monitoring software

Keep track the activity of your staff
Suspecting your employee of illegal actions it is important to find out what he/she is really doing on computer. Monitor remotely the visited websites and running applications, email and messenger conversations. See the office through the camera with audio in real time.
Prevent the confidential data leakage
Companies annually lose billions of dollars owing to their employees who theft the confidential information. Secure your company against the threat of information leakage. Find out what information your employees copy to the personal USB devices, print out, share on Internet and send through e-mail.
Improve the productivity of your employees
According to statistics, an office employee gives up to 30% of the working time to the websites and programs that have no relation to the work. Get the staff performance statistics. Find out the percentage of time that employee gives to the work. Stop paying loafers!
Use Emplomax solutions to improve productivity and business security:

Staff Overall Monitoring and Control

Keep track and restrict the actions of the staff of their computers. Prevent information leakage.

Staff Top Performance

Get an impartial assessment of the staff performance and achieve top labor productivity.

Reliable Video Monitoring

Protect your company from a violator, and keep track of the staff in the office while you are absent.

Software package for the price of one!

The offer is valid until June 30, 2018
Buy Software package that includes 3 programs for the price of one!

Does your choice lie between EfMax, a system of staff performance improvement, EmInspector, an insider threat monitoring software, and CSecurity, a video monitoring application?

Do not rack your brains! Take advantage of our unique proposition and get all three programs for the price of one. Just indicate a number of the computers that you would like to control by means of our programs, and purchase a general license

Success Stories
Melissa Fray
Owner of the web design studio

Time Tracking Automated System sufficiently enables to improve labor performance. Using EfMax it is possible to monitor time input of the staff: time to the direct duties and private interests.... read more

Sam Cortys
Head of Security Department

Since we have implemented EmInspector I feel secure about corporate data leakage threat because I have a possibility to monitor the activity of each employee or an entire department in a whole.... read more

Ammy Black
Director of Translation Agency.

CSecurity, a video monitoring program, enables to control all the events owing to several cameras located in different places in the office. Since we have installed the program, I become aware of... read more